tully driscoll 

ADCRG, TCRG & Founder

Sheila Tully Driscoll has been teaching Irish Dance lessons for over 50 years. Sheila received her T.C.R.G. designation (official Irish Dancing Teacher certification) in 1972 and her A.D.C.R.G. designation (official Irish Dancing Adjudication certification) in 1976. Today, she is the longest tenured Irish dancing teacher in the Chicago area and is highly regarded nationally and worldwide. She is a member of An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha, the international governing body of Irish Dancing.

Her Irish Dancing Academy is highly regarded in the Irish Dance community as her programs have produced many champion dancers and winning teams. Tully Dancers have successfully competed in many regional and national competitions as well as the World Championships. Her dancers have also performed all over North America entertaining a wide variety of audiences.

Sheila’s philosophy of teaching stresses patience and personal attention to each dancer. Perhaps it is due to her background in early education that she knows how important it is to structure her teaching methods based on each child’s learning needs. Success comes from really seeing each student as an individual. Sheila and her staff work closely together to recognize the needs and challenges of each student as well as to bring out the talent in each child. While competition helps each dancer improve, a positive attitude and practice are essential.

The benefits of Sheila’s experience and teaching methods are endless. Her dancers develop self-confidence, discipline, friendship, team spirit as they enhance their physical and mental agility while having lots of fun! The Tully Academy is comprised of girls and boys of all nationalities. Irish Dance is a tradition we teach and our dancers make wonderful new friends while sharing positive experiences through solo dancing, team dancing and year round performances.