About Us

Founded in Chicago more than 55 years ago by Sheila Tully Driscoll, the Sheila Tully Academy of Irish Dance is highly regarded in the Irish Dance community. It is the goal of Tully Academy to build not only a strong body but a strong character in every student. We strive to build the dancer'sā€™ self esteem and confidence, encouraging them to succeed where they are challenged, and build on their successes. At Tully Academy we teach both the performance and the competitive aspect of Irish dancing, which includes learning good sportsmanship, showmanship, and teamwork.  Through this, Irish dancing gives students a sense of pride and confidence as they reach their individual goals.   In class we strive to help every dancer find ways to perform at his or her own comfort level whether that be in the classroom, at performances or in competition.  


Tully's programs have produced many champion dancers as well as receiving many local, national and international awards for their soloists and teams. As well as competitive dance, the Tully Academy is often sought out for its highly entertaining show performances. While Tully Academy's two main 'state-of-the-art' studios are located in Glenview, Illinois, classes are also held at satellite locations throughout the Chicago suburbs. Boys and girls, ages 4 and older, are welcome to join at any of our class locations to learn the tradition of Irish Dance.